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The CarLoft Concept

CarLifts let b’mine guests park their cars directly outside their rooms, whether on the first floor or close to the upper floor event area. The groundbreaking technology was conceived and patented by CarLoft GmbH in Berlin, who licenses the use of its patent to construction companies and property developers looking for tailor-made CarLift solutions for new and refurbished developments. Additionally, CarLoft GmbH acts as an agent for specialized engineers and contractors and supplies all software and hardware. A number of projects in the German cities of Berlin, Dusseldorf and Karlsruhe have been completed or are currently under construction.

The concept includes a lift to transport vehicles or other heavy goods to holding areas on the same level as the relevant usage space in a multi-floor building.  Cars or heavy equipment can easily be transported to a suite, living room, office or other space such as the b’mine hotel event areas, making conferences, product presentations or private events easily accessible.

The European Patent Office in Munich has acknowledged the innovation, ingenuity and commercial potential inherent in the CarLoft concept. The patent claim covers the integration of parking or holding spaces into usage units such as apartments, offices, hotel rooms and similar. An international patent application has been filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (international publication number: WO 03/018936A1, international reference number: PCT / DE 02 / 03124). Further information is available here.

How the CarLift works